Custom Three Stripe Cover


This waxed canvas cover is expertly sewn together from 8 separate pieces of waxed canvas.  Due to the labor intensive nature of this cover, please note that it may take up to 14 days before it ships. 



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Type Base: (your base color choice), Top Stripe: (your color choice) Middle Stripe: (your color choice), Bottom Stripe: (your color choice), Fleece: (your color choice)

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Waxed canvas for base and stripes is available in the following color choices: Black, Charcoal, Brick Red, Fire Engine Red, Green, Yellow, Fuchsia, Orange, Burgundy, Navy, Royal Blue and Natural (off white)

Fleece colors available in: Black, Dark Red, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Purple, Green, Grey, and White.

For example, the cover pictured would be:

Base: Charcoal

Top Stripe: Red

Middle Stripe: Fuchsia

Bottom Stripe: Green

Fleece: Purple


Our Waxed Canvas Covers are sewn in America from this incredibly strong and durable cotton based material.

The fabric develops creases and wrinkles over time, much like a favorite old leather jacket. 

Each cover will develop its own unique patina, truly making it one of a kind.

Chose your base color and then the color the 3 stripes and your internal fleece color.

Deluxe Fleece Lining.

Available in Driver and Fairway

Made to order.

Ships in 10-14 days